The European Antiques Wholesaler in The Netherlands

Welcome to the website of Antiques at Work, your antiques wholesaler in the Netherlands.

The name Antiques at Work is derived from the fact that Antiques at Work initially sold functional antiques for the workplace. That is, antique desks, antique bookcases and antique (French) furniture. Soon we were given assignments to set up offices, usually located in beautiful 19th century mansions that were decorated with antique office furniture from the same period as the office building. Moreover, the office rooms were furnished with antique clocks, mirrors against fireplaces, chandeliers, beautiful antique cabinets and bronze sculptures. In short; antiques were at work. Given the massive purchases we could continue as a antiques wholesaler.

Our collection now consists of a large and versatile range of antique European furniture, for example French and Dutch antique furniture. As a Antiques wholesaler we are specialized in antique desks and antique bookcaseslong tables, chandeliers, antique mirrors, cabinets and bronze sculptures. Our collection is largely from the 17th,18th and 19th century. Emiel Geurts developed a refined taste for quality due to his passion for antiques and years of experience in the antiques business. You will see it back in our collection.

Interior designers and renowned antique dealers world wide know how to find us. Our clients come from all over the world; St. Petersburg, Moscow, South Korea, China, Thailand, Italy to America. Antiques At Work is at your service when it comes to packing and sending items and offload containers.

We hope you will enjoy browsing our English website! If you want to visit our Antiques wholesale then you are very much welcome to do so. You can find our address, hours and directions below under contact and address & route.